Bridal Hair Ties Pack Party Favours

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Check out our Pretty Hair Clips at the Kids Accessories section

Clip-on Earrings for kids and teens - so many designs to choose from.

New in XYRA - BEST MUM STUDS in limited quantities only

Hair ties in Tin Box - on sale until Monday

Looking for bridesmaids - you can do it with our hair ties with personalized message.

New in XYRA - Foodshoppe section

Introducing new food products made in XyRA's Registered Kitchen for you to enjoy. More products to add soon.

Barley Grass Powder - 1kg and 200g - New in XYRA

You can find Vitafit's Barley Grass Powder at the Health Hub section


Our shop is brand new  We'll be adding more products very soon. If you want to request new items from us or enquire about some of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us .