Lend your helping hand at I Got Your Backpack.

Last December 2016, in coordination with Pretty Packages – Unique Candles and Artisan soaps  (www.facebook.com/prettypackages), XYRA had the chance to donate some pretty hair accessories, colouring books and children’s shirts to the organization “ I Got Your Back Pack”. 

This non-profit organization “I Got Your Back Pack (IGYBP)” was created to assist Women’s Refuge NZ with resources for the women and children who were victims of domestic violence who pass through their care. IGYBP support these women and children by donating backpacks filled with essential and practical items.  They are also active in advocating for women’s rights, for legislation and education changes, so as to stop the widespread culture of domestic violence in New Zealand.

As we all know, domestic violence is not rare even in New Zealand. Based from a study by Fanslow and Robinson (2004), one in 3 (ranging from 33% to 39%) New Zealand women experience physical or sexual abuse from their partners in their lifetime (https://womensrefuge.org.nz/domestic-violence).

IGYBP believes every woman and child deserves a safe and happy home. We, too, believe in this statement. We at XYRA are happy to help and support these women and their children through IGYBP. We are inviting everyone to extend their help and support to the organization “I Got Your Back Pack NZ”.

If you are interested to lend a hand, check out and message their facebook page at www.facebook.com/IgotyourbackpackNZ. They respond quickly to all enquiries. Also visit their website at www.igotyourbackpack.org.nz.